What Are the Signs That You Need a New Pair of Dentures?

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Dentures are an essential part of many people’s lives, providing functionality and aesthetics. However, over time, these dental prosthetics can wear out and need to be replaced or repaired. This post will explore the signs that you may need a new pair of dentures, how often this occurs, and what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Dentures and Their Lifespan

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Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. They are typically made of acrylic resin, sometimes combined with various metals, and they can be full or partial, depending on the needs of the patient.

The lifespan of dentures varies significantly, usually lasting between five to ten years. Just as our natural teeth wear over time, dentures undergo wear and tear, and their functionality diminishes. Recognizing when they need replacement is vital for oral health.

Signs Indicating the Need for a New Pair of Dentures

A denture’s fit and condition can change over time, leading to discomfort and even oral health issues. Two common signs indicating that you might need new dentures are a noticeable loosening or poor fit and visible wear on the denture teeth.

Loosening and Poor Fit

This can be attributed to the natural process of bone loss in the jaw. The bone’s loss tends to occur as teeth are missing, and over time, the bone isn’t as prominent as it once was, leading to a change in how the dentures fit.

Wear on the Denture Teeth

If you see a lot of wear or even chipping on the tooth surface, or if it’s on the verge of breaking, this is a clear sign that a new pair of dentures or realignment is needed.

Solutions for Worn or Ill-Fitting Dentures

Whether you need to replace or realign your dentures, taking timely action will ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and functional smile. Consultation with a dental professional is key to understanding the best course of action.

Replacing the Dentures

If the signs are clear that new dentures are needed, consult with a dental professional. They can assess the state of the existing dentures and recommend the best course of action for replacement.

Realigning the Dentures

If the issue lies mainly with the fit and not with the overall condition of the dentures, realignment might be an option. Realigning captures where the bone and gums are sitting at the moment, ensuring a proper fit.

Speak With Our Care Team About a New Pair of Dentures

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Recognizing when it’s time to replace or realign your dentures is essential for maintaining oral health and comfort. If you have had your dentures for five to ten years, pay close attention to the fit and wear on the teeth. Acting on these signs by consulting a dental professional can lead to a more comfortable and healthy dental experience. Contact Indian Trail Dental Studio today to determine if it’s time to upgrade to a new pair of dentures.