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Healthy gums play an essential role in maintaining good oral and overall health for a lifetime. While caring for your gums is as easy as practicing good oral hygiene habits every day, including flossing, gum disease is still a common concern that many patients experience. If your gums are inflamed, bleeding, or tender, it’s essential to schedule a dental exam sooner than later. Here’s what you should know about how a periodontal cleaning at Indian Trail Dental Studio could help improve your gum health.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, occurs when gums become infected due to poor oral health habits, genetics, or health conditions. Food particles and bacteria that aren’t brushed or flossed away can lead to sticky plaque developing on the surface of one’s teeth and around their gum line. Over time, this plaque hardens into tartar build-up, causing the gums to pull away from the teeth. 

Periodontal disease can often occur without any obvious symptoms. In some cases, inflamed, bleeding, or sensitive gums can occur. Early detection is the best way to identify and treat periodontal concerns before they progress and become more complicated.

Types of Gum Disease

In the early stages, gum disease is referred to as gingivitis. As it progresses, gum disease can become more severe and requires periodontal therapy to restore the health of the person’s gums. There are two types of periodontal diseases: inflammatory and occlusion (bite-based). 

  • Inflammatory periodontal disease is caused by bacteria collected underneath tissue, which attaches to root calculus. These bacteria attach to roots. Over time, these bacteria worsen and eventually reach underneath tissues which may cause enamel and bone loss to affect mobility, recession, and overall tooth loss.
  • Occlusion disease is lesser diagnosed out of the two and less common. It typically occurs from the force of one’s teeth due to malocclusion, clenching, or nighttime grinding. The inflammation of one’s gums caused by this disease can accelerate bone loss and lead to periodontal disease.  

Periodontal Cleanings

If you’re diagnosed with gum disease, Dr. Patel may recommend having a deep teeth cleaning performed. Periodontal cleanings include scaling the plaque and tartar build-up from along your gum line, as well as planing the build-up from your roots. Deep dental cleanings usually take between 1-2 hours to complete, depending on the condition of your mouth. They provide patients many benefits, including:

  • Stopping the progression of periodontal disease
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving bad breath
  • Improving oral health

What Happens If Put Off Periodontal Treatment?

Like other oral health concerns, gum disease will not get better on its own. It will only get worse over time and can lead to other comorbidities, including diabetes and cardiac diseases while increasing the risk of tooth loss. For this reason, it’s important to visit your general dentist every six months for routine exams and cleanings, or sooner if recommended by Dr. Patel, and get periodontal cleanings as necessary.

Deep Teeth Cleaning Cost

Most dental insurance policies cover periodontal care. The cost of your deep teeth cleaning will depend on your dental insurance plan. For information on what your dental insurance covers, please contact our office.

Keep Your Gums Strong at Indian Trail Dental Studio

At Indian Trail Dental Studio, we want to help keep your gums strong. Dr. Patel and Dr. Hysa have extensive experience in providing close care for both types of periodontal diseases. They will thoroughly explain the steps required to care for your teeth and answer any questions before beginning your personalized restorative treatment plan. If it has been a while since you have had a dental exam, there is no better time than now, to prioritize your gum health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!