Tooth Extractions in Indian Trail, NC

Dental Extraction in Indian Trail, NC

Having a tooth pulled as an adult is never ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary for the wellbeing of your oral health. For instance, if you have a tooth that is severely decayed, infected, or is overcrowding its surrounding teeth, extraction may be the best option to maintain a healthy smile. Having a tooth pulled sounds scary, but it is one of the most common procedures that Dr. Patel performs at Indian Trail Dental. If you are interested in learning more about how a dental extraction could benefit you, here’s what you should know before scheduling a free consultation.

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Tooth Extraction Overview

A dental extraction occurs when a person needs a tooth removed. It’s important to note that dental extractions should never be the first option to resolve an oral health problem. If there are other less invasive ways to treat the issue, these should always be prioritized over pulling the tooth. This is primarily because a missing tooth can contribute to other dental issues, including shifting teeth and bone erosion. 

With that being said, sometimes having a tooth extracted is the best way to treat a complicated dental situation. At Indian Trail Dental, our experienced team is committed to making your tooth extraction procedure as smooth and comfortable as possible. If you do need to have a tooth pulled, Dr. Patel will recommend an appropriate prosthetic tooth, such as an implant or bridge, to best suit your specific oral health needs.

Can You Leave a Dead Tooth in Your Mouth?

If you have a “dead” tooth due to a root canal procedure, it’s safe to leave it in your mouth until an implant or bridge can be placed. Dead teeth can temporarily hold the place of a prosthetic tooth while preventing the jaw bone from wearing away over time. However, this should only be temporary, especially if the tooth is decayed or infected. If a tooth is unhealthy, it’s only a matter of time before it will cause problems to its surrounding teeth.

Is a Tooth Extraction Painful?

Having a tooth pulled should be a completely painless procedure. We will ensure that your mouth is completely numb before working on your mouth and will make sure that you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible until your treatment is complete.

What is the Recovery Time After a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

After your tooth is pulled, Dr. Patel will apply a thick gauze to the area to control the bleeding for about 30 minutes. It’s normal for bleeding to continue for up to 48 hours after surgery and for your mouth to be tender or sore. This discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications. Some patients will experience bruising or swelling; these symptoms are normal and can be managed by applying ice to the affected area. Dr. Patel will be sure to inform you of what to expect after your extraction. It’s especially important to not disturb the extraction site in the first 24 hours after surgery to allow the area to heal properly. This includes not:

  • Smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Chewing hard or crunchy foods
  • Using a straw
  • Spitting
  • Touching the extraction area

How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

The cost of your tooth extraction will depend on your dental insurance plan. For information on what your dental insurance plan covers, please contact our office.

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If you’re worried about having a tooth extracted, the compassionate team at Indian Trail Dental can put your mind at ease. We are prepared to make your extraction as safe, comfortable, and convenient as possible and are here to help you achieve a healthier smile. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our expert tooth extraction dentist, Dr. Patel, and learn more about how a tooth extraction could benefit you.