Teeth Whitening at Home vs At The Dentist

Teeth Whitening at the Dentist in Indian Trail NC

Your teeth’s appearance has a significant impact on the brightness of your smile. Unfortunately, dull or discovered teeth are a reality for many people. Teeth can become yellow or stained for a variety of reasons.

When trying to get a whiter smile, most people quickly grab home kits before considering in-office treatments. Keep reading to learn more about your teeth whitening options to decide which method is best for your smile!

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

There are several other possible causes for a discolored or lackluster smile. They include:


The most common stains are coffee, tea, some juices, and red wine. Their chromogens, which are potent color pigments, adhere to the enamel, the tooth’s white outer layer, discoloring or staining it. If you frequently drink one or more of these, the stains can build up over time. Luckily these are treatable using a whitening agent.


Tobacco contains particles that, when smoked, can adhere to small crevices in the tooth enamel. With continued use, the particles accumulate and can discolor teeth. Although whitening treatments can remove surface stains caused by tobacco products, we don’t recommend continued use since they can harm your oral and overall health.


Genetics influence the brightness and thickness of your enamel, which can significantly impact the visible color of your teeth. Some discoloration caused by genetics or medications cannot be corrected with a whitening solution. If this is the case, we can recommend other treatment options to brighten your smile.


Our tooth enamel gradually wears away as we age. The dentin, the tooth’s subsequent layer, may then become visible as a result. Because dentin is yellowish in hue, many people’s teeth begin to appear yellower as they age.

What are the Benefits of Using a Teeth Whitening Kit at Home?


Home treatments can provide a far more convenient alternative, allowing you to whiten your teeth when you have time. Using over-the-counter products is also great for touch-ups.


You may have difficulty reaching your desired results since the bleaching agent in at-home whitening strips or trays is much weaker than what dental professionals use. The whitening process at home also often takes longer and requires more frequent treatments.

What are the Pros of Going to the Dentist to Get your Teeth Whitened?

Time-Saving and Longevity

professional tooth whitening procedure at the dental office can give immediate results in about an hour. Additionally, the outcomes are reputable and long-lasting with the recommended upkeep.

Expert Advice

Teeth whitening is personalized for your mouth and particular needs, with your dentist examining your teeth first. You’ll eliminate any trial and error process you might encounter with home products. It’s not safe to whiten your teeth if you have decay or gum disease. Having an examination before your treatment ensures your smile stays as healthy as it is bright.

Safer Option

With professional treatment, your dental team continuously monitors your development after the procedure. Your gums and other areas of your mouth are covered for protection. You will also get advice on caring for your teeth after the process and reducing tooth sensitivity.

Cost of Teeth Whitening

The cost depends on the procedures:

  • Cost of Scheduling Teeth Whitening Appointment at the Dentist: The cost of whitening varies considerably based on the type of whitening and the specifics of your treatment. Cost is tailored particularly for your needs at Indian Trail Dental Studio.
  • Cost of Teeth-Whitening Kit at Home: The price of whitening kits can vary depending on how many you require, how frequently you intend to use them, and other factors particular to your situation.

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